Stöckli's 2025 Ski Lineup: Pre-Order Your Swiss-Engineered Mountain Masterpiece!

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Stöckli's 2025 Ski Lineup: Pre-Order Your Swiss-Engineered Mountain Masterpiece!

Stöckli continues to set the standard for precision and performance with their 2025 collection, blending Swiss engineering with all-mountain versatility. At Sports Plus, we're thrilled to announce that pre-orders are now open for these innovative models. Let's dive into the details of each ski:

Stöckli Montero AR with Strive 13 Bindings Pre-order Montero AR
The Montero AR is Stöckli's high-performance all-mountain ski, designed to excel in all conditions. Paired with the Strive 13 bindings, it offers exceptional stability and responsiveness. The 2025 model features:
• Advanced Titanal layer for enhanced power transmission and stability
• Precision-tuned flex pattern for optimal balance between agility and power
• Integrated binding system for improved on-snow feel
• Optimized rocker profile for versatility in varied terrain

Ideal for: Advanced to expert skiers seeking a powerful all-mountain ski with a bias towards on-piste performance.

Stöckli Montero AW with Strive 11 Bindings - Women's Specific Pre-order Montero AW
The Montero AW offers the same all-mountain performance as the AR, but in a women-specific design. Paired with Strive 11 bindings, it provides:
• Lighter weight construction for reduced fatigue
• Women-specific flex pattern for improved control and energy transfer
• All the tech features of the Montero AR, optimized for female skiers
• Stylish topsheet designs

Ideal for: Intermediate to advanced female skiers looking for a versatile all-mountain ski with a performance edge.

Stöckli Stormrider 102 Pre-order Stormrider 102
The Stormrider 102 is Stöckli's powder-loving all-mountain ski. With its wider waist, it excels in soft snow while maintaining surprising agility. Features include:
• Lightweight wood core for improved maneuverability in deep snow
• Titanal layers for stability at high speeds
• Rockered tip and tail for enhanced float and pivot

Ideal for: Advanced to expert skiers who prioritize off-piste performance but still want on-piste capability.

Stöckli Stormrider 95 Pre-order Stormrider 95
The quintessential all-mountain ski, the Stormrider 95 offers true versatility. Key features:
• Perfect balance of float in powder and edge hold on hardpack
• Dynamic flex pattern for smooth transitions between turn shapes
• Durable construction for season-long performance

Ideal for: Advanced skiers seeking a true one-ski quiver for all mountain conditions.

Stöckli Stormrider 88 Pre-order Stormrider 88
The Stormrider 88 blends carving precision with all-mountain versatility. It offers:
• Narrow waist for enhanced edge hold and quick transitions
• Slight tip rocker for improved performance in variable conditions
• Stiff tail for powerful turn exits

Ideal for: Advanced to expert skiers who spend more time on-piste but want off-piste capability.

Stöckli Nela 88 - Women's Specific Pre-order Nela 88
The Nela 88 is a front-side carving machine with all-mountain capabilities, designed for women. It features:
• Women-specific flex pattern for improved control
• Narrower waist for quick edge-to-edge transitions
• Slight rocker for versatility in varied conditions

Ideal for: Intermediate to advanced female skiers focusing on on-piste performance with occasional off-piste forays.

Stöckli Nela 96 - Women's Specific Pre-order Nela 96
For women seeking more versatility, the Nela 96 offers increased float without sacrificing on-piste performance. It boasts:
• Wider platform for improved soft snow performance
• Women-specific construction for optimal control and reduced fatigue
• Versatile rocker profile for all-mountain exploration

Ideal for: Advanced female skiers who explore the entire mountain in all conditions.

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Stay tuned for more detailed reviews of each model in the coming weeks. Whether you're a carving enthusiast, a powder seeker, or an all-mountain explorer, Stöckli has a ski for you in their 2025 lineup.

Get ready to experience the pinnacle of Swiss engineering and elevate your mountain experience with Stöckli's 2025 collection!

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