Kastle Marble 84 Skis w/ K10 SLR GW Bindings 2025 - 148cm

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Introducing the Kästle Marble 84: Unleash Your Elemental Spirit

Harness the power of the earth with the Kästle Marble 84, a ski that's not just designed for the mountain, but born from it. Part of the groundbreaking TERRA women's line, this all-mountain marvel channels the essence and power of nature's elements into every turn.

At the heart of this elemental masterpiece lies the revolutionary Symbio Core technology. It's as if Kästle has infused the ski with the adaptability of water, the strength of earth, the lightness of air, and the passion of fire. The result? A ride that's as forgiving as a spring breeze yet as powerful as a mountain stream.

With dimensions of 128-84-112mm, the Marble 84 is your all-terrain spirit guide. It floats through powder like mist over a lake, carves on groomers with the precision of wind-sculpted rock, and tackles variable conditions with the resilience of ancient trees. The 11.5m radius allows you to paint turns on the mountain canvas with the fluidity of a master artist.

Weighing a mere 1365g per ski, the Marble 84 is lighter than a handful of snow, yet it stands as firm as bedrock when you need it most. It's the perfect fusion of ethereal lightness and grounded stability, ready to help you express your innermost skiing soul.

Who is the Marble 84 for? It's for the woman who sees the mountain not just as a playground, but as an extension of herself. It's for those who seek enjoyable, effortless carving across all snow conditions, yet aren't afraid to venture off-piste when the call of the wild beckons.

The Kästle Marble 84 - Where earth's elements meet your skiing essence. Are you ready to show your soul and be who you want to be, whether on-piste or off? Your elemental all-mountain journey awaits!