Rossignol Magne'Lens Goggles 2023 - Black

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From Rossignol:

Clear optics. A wide field of view. Quick-change lens convenience. The Magne'Lens goggles deliver it all. The frameless design and toric lens maximize optical clarity and field of vision. On-the-go lens changes are easy thanks to our Magne'Click system that uses magnets and clips for quick-change convenience. Triple-density foam and a hinge-style strap let the goggles conform to your head for storm-sealing comfort. The goggles include two interchangeable lenses: one cloudy-day lens and one all-purpose lens.

Quick, Easy Lens Changes
Rossignol Magne'Click technology uses magnets and small clips to make goggle lens changes quick and easy

Wide Field of Vision
A toric lens maximizes optical clarity and peripheral vision while maintaining a low-profile design for comfort and helmet compatibility

Sleek, Modern Style
Frameless design maintains a sleek, modern feel and maximum field of view



Rossignol MAGNE’CLICK technology provides a very quick lens switch to keep the best vision possible when weather changes. Thanks to magnets and small clips, the lens is easily secured on the frame to avoid any lens movement throughout the ski ride.



Three densities of foam offer an incredible confort and fit.


Innovated by Zeiss Optics and Rossignol, new TORIC lenses feature different lateral and horizontal curvatures, increasing the field of vision while remaining compact in design for optimized comfort and helmet compatibility.