Rental FAQs

Booking Daily Rentals: Choose the Start Date as the day you plan on picking up your rentals. We recommend you book starting the day before you plan on skiing. For example, if you are skiing on Friday, set your booking to begin on Thursday. You can pick up the skis after the indicated time on Thursday, and then ski on Friday. If you bring the skis back to us before noon on Saturday, then all of this would count as a single day's rental. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Store is Closed on Mondays during the Summer. See note below.

All rentals must be picked up and dropped off at Sports Plus during our normal business hours. The store is located at 1055 S Gaylord St, Denver, CO 80209.

Same-Day rentals not available via online booking, and are walk-in only, first come first served. 

Seasonal Ski Rentals: We are all sold out of Season Rentals for the season. Check back in September for next year's Season Rentals!


Pickleball Demo: You can now use our rental form to book pickleball paddle rentals. $10 for 3 days, and up to $30 of rental fees can be applied to your purchase of an in-stock premium pickleball paddle.

Corporate Rentals: Looking for a unique team-building activity for your group or business? Try our bulk pickleball rentals! We'll set you up with everything you need for a fun and productive day on the court. For inquiries, please email

**Please note, the store is CLOSED ON MONDAYS during the summer. If you need to pick up or drop off on Monday, reach out to the store before booking your rental.**

No refunds/returns on rentals that have left the store. No refunds on items returned early.