Winter Consignment Guidelines


Between November and early March, Sports Plus becomes one of the best places in Denver to buy or consign quality used skis and snowboards.

Over the past 8 seasons, we have sold nearly 90% of all winter consignment items that have come into our shop. This success is the result of our adherence to a strict set of guidelines that determines which incoming items are acceptable for consignment.

The following is meant to be a general guide to what we look for. As always, if you have further questions regarding our policies or if you have questions on specific items, please email us at


  • Manufactured in the last 10 years, ideally 5 years.
  • No sidewall, edge, or serious topsheet or base damage.
  • Bindings must still be certified by the manufacturer. This is harder for the typical consignor to determine. If skis are over 10 years old, odds are the bindings are no longer indemnified by the manufacturer. This means ski shops - including Sports Plus - cannot set the bindings to a skier's boot, unfortunately making them effectively unsellable. Bindings are typically out of certification roughly 10 years after they are manufactured.
  • If skis are unmounted, no more than two previous binding mounts is acceptable.
  • *Sports Plus does not accept Telemark equipment or junior racing skis on consignment.*

Ski Boots:

  • Manufactured in the last 10 years, ideally 5 years.
  • No rear-entry boots.
  • All buckles, velcro power straps, etc. in good working order.
  • Toes and Heels not worn past the replaceable toe or heel plates. Once wear goes into the actual boot (even a tiny amount), we cannot accept them.
  • Interior boot liner is in good working order, free of rips, tears, or rodents/rodent evidence.
  • *Sports Plus does not accept Telemark equipment on consignment.*

Ski Bindings:

  • We do not accept unmounted ski bindings on consignment. 

Ski Poles:

  • No bends.
  • Wrist Straps are attached.
  • Baskets are attached.


  • We prefer newer rocker shapes rather than the older camber styles. An easy way to determine which style you have is to place the board on the ground, and step on the middle area between the binding mounting points. If the board compresses significantly when you do this, it is likely the older style for which there is very little demand. 
  • No sidewall, edge, or serious topsheet or base damage.

Snowboard Bindings:

  • Manufactured in the last 5-7 years. 
  • Must include baseplates.
  • Buckles, straps, all in good working order.
  • No cracks.

Snowboard Boots:

  • Boots are in good working order, free of rips, tears, or rodents/rodent evidence.
  • Ideally BOA rather than lace-up.
  • Boot is still stiff enough to support the wearer.


  • Bindings fully functional.
  • No cracks, tears, rips, or cuts on base canvas where it attaches to frame.
  • Traction cleats not too worn down.

Nordic/Cross Country Gear:

  • Waxless design (i.e. has the "fish scales" for traction)
  • We accept Classic skis, but generally do not accept Skate skis.
  • NNN or NNNBC binding types only. We no longer accept boots or skis with the SNS binding variants (SNS Profil, SNS BC, SNS Pilot, etc)


    • Winter Clothing will be accepted this season until November 19, 2023. After that point, we will not accept used clothing for the remainder of the 2023-2024 season. Winter clothing includes jackets, pants, gloves, goggles, and helmets. We do not accept "layers", only outerwear.
    • Jackets and pants must be recently washed and dried. We cannot accept clothing that is still wet, or has stains, tears, rips, busted zippers, or anything else that would make it undesirable for buyers. Clothing should have been manufactured within the last 5-7 years (style is very important when it comes to winter clothing). Exceptions can sometimes be made for "cool" retro items.
    • Glove requirements are similar to jackets and pants.
    • Goggles cannot have lenses that are too scratched or elastic straps that are too fatigued/stretched out.
    • Helmets must have been manufactured in the last 5 years with the manufacture date sticker clearly visible.
    Stay tuned as we may adjust our policies as the season progresses.

    As always, please reach out with any questions on specific by sending us photos and information to