Faction Studio 1 Skis 2025 - 183cm

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Introducing the Faction Studio 1: The Launchpad for Gravity Defiers

Prepare to witness the ski equivalent of a space shuttle for freestyle fanatics - the Faction Studio 1. This isn't just a park ski; it's a passport to the stratosphere of trick progression, a magic carpet for those who dream of defying Newton's laws.

Picture a ski that's as comfortable in the air as a bird, yet as precise on rails as a surgeon's scalpel. With its true twin design, the Studio 1 is the ultimate equalizer - it doesn't care if you're riding switch or regular, it just wants you to push the boundaries of what's possible on snow.

At the heart of this aerial acrobat is a core that's more complex than a Michelin-starred recipe. Faction has blended poplar and ash woods like a master chef, creating a foundation that's lighter than a comedian's one-liner yet tougher than a drill sergeant. But they didn't stop there. Interwoven with this wooden wonder are Carbon Stringers that give this ski more pop than a champagne cork on New Year's Eve.

Worried about those bone-jarring landings? Fear not, brave trickster! The Carbon Rubber Stomp Pads are there to catch you, absorbing impacts like a black hole swallows light. It's like having tiny shock absorbers built into your skis, ready to cushion even the most ambitious sends.

With a flex rating of 7 out of 10, the Studio 1 strikes the perfect balance between playfulness and stability. It's like having a ski that can switch from a graceful ballet dancer to a hardcore punk rocker mid-air. The 7mm XL Sidewalls and 2.5mm XL Edges make this ski tougher than a cockroach in a nuclear winter, ready to withstand the abuse of endless park laps.

Available in lengths from 164cm to 183cm, there's a Studio 1 ready to become your aerial accomplice, no matter your size. The consistent 120-90-120mm profile ensures you get the same stellar performance whether you're spinning off the small jump line or going for gold in the X Games Big Air.

Who's it for? Intermediate to advanced skiers who see gravity as more of a suggestion than a law. It's for those who want to progress from their first 360 to their first double cork 1440. It's for the dreamers, the risk-takers, and anyone who's ever looked at a jump and thought, "I wonder if I could flip off that?"

The Faction Studio 1 - Where physics meets fantasy, and every jump is a chance to rewrite the laws of nature. Are you ready to join the ranks of freestyle royalty and turn the entire mountain into your personal playground?