Rossignol Diva 2024 Snowboard - 152cm

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Designed for women who charge hard everywhere on the mountain, no matter the conditions, the 2021 Diva comes with a new aggressive true twin bluntness shape that screams All-Mountain Freestyle performance. With a strong twin freestyle flex and award wining Serrated Edge technology, the DIVA bites down on firm snow and ice while our industry-first L.I.T.E. Frame technology ensures full-length shock absorption and stability for playful board control and the ultimate, go-anywhere women's all-mountain ride.

Explosive Pop and Stability
AmpTek Elite Rocker maintains explosive pop and edge-gripping stability

Ultra-Smooth Ride
L.I.T.E. Frame core technology integrates a urethane strip around the entire perimeter of the board for full-length dampening and an ultra-smooth ride

Confident Edge Control
5S Serrated Edges enhance edge grip for confident carving with a smooth feel

Balanced Maneuverability and Grip
RadCut turn technology allows playful ease-of-use at slower speeds and full-length edge grip at higher speeds

Lively Pop, Easy Control
Twin Freestyle flex enhances pop and balance for easy freestyle control

All-Mountain Versatility and Stability
Mid-stiff flex for stability at high speed and maneuverability in all terrain

100% of Rossignol's wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably harvested forests


SKU: REMX301000
Snow Base Density 7500 Sintered
Snow Base Details 3443 (140), 3577 (144), 3717 (148), 3861 (152)
Snow Core Wood CBF2 + Lite frame
Snow Flex Rate Flex 7/10
Snow Insert Setback Centered - Centered - Centered - Centered
Snow Insert Setback Centered - Centered - Centered - Centered
Snow Inserts Number 6*2
Snow Rocker Camber Amptek Elite
Snow Shape Twin
Snow Sidecut Serrated Edges (5S) + Radcut (Deep Progressive)
Snow Waist 23.8cm - 24cm - 24.2cm - 24.4cm
Snow Waist 23.8cm - 24cm - 24.2cm - 24.4cm
Snow Boot Size 28 to 28.5cm max
Snow Radius 4.5/6/6.9m - 4.5/6.2/7.2m - 4.6/6.4/7.3m - 4.8/6.5/7.4m
Snow Stance Width Min Max 48 to 60cm - 48 to 60cm - 48 to 60cm - 48 to 60cm
Snow Suggested Weight 30 to 65kg / 65 to 145 lbs


Our three patented blends of rocker and camber are each tailored to a specific riding style and intensity level. Featuring stiff extremities and a softer waist, AMPTEK ELITE is composed of 60-100% camber with an applicable percentage of rocker at the extremities, offering explosive edge grip, pop, and stability.
Our exclusive 5S SERRATED EDGE technology offers five, smaller points of edge contact (one between the inserts and two on either side of the inserts), expanding grip to once unreachable areas of the board for increased stability and edge hold with a smoother, less aggressive feel.
Our RADCUT turn technology fuses a traditional sidecut between the inserts with reverse sidecuts toward the tip and tail so as speeds and edge angles increase, more sidecut is engaged for powerful full-length edge grip; at lower speeds and edge angles the sidecut is less engaged for more maneuverability and ease-of-use.
Our symmetrical TWIN FREESTYLE flex is stiff underfoot for increased pop and balance and soft in the waist for easy manipulation and control.
Our WOOD CBF2 core features a single type of wood laminated with Basalt and Kevlar fibers along the edges for enhanced edge grip and incredible stability at speed.
Stronger and lighter than fiberglass and with more elasticity than carbon, BASALT fibers enhance power and stability while removing vibrations.
ARAMID (A.K.A. Kevlar®)
Commonly used in ballistical rated body armor fabric, ARAMID dampens vibrations and smoothest rough landings
FIBERGLASS offers more elasticity than carbon and comes in multiple weights and weavings, making it our #1 choice for customized flex and torsional resistance.
Combining high tensile strength and very good low-temperature flexibility, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) absorbs vibrations and allows greater response under pressure.
Built into sidewalls and/or splitboard cores, ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.
Our industry-first, visible breakthrough innovation, L.I.T.E. FRAME core technology integrates a urethane strip around the entire perimeter of the board, delivering full-length shock absorption for enhanced maneuverability, playfulness and ultra-smooth ride control.
Rossignol snowboard FLEX ratings range from softest (1) to stiffest (10) so you can select the best flex pattern for your skill and riding style. Softer boards are easier to manipulate, stiffer boards offer more power and stability.