Faction Studio 2 Skis 2025 - 178cm

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Introducing the Faction Studio 2: The Mullet of Mountain Mastery

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to witness the ski equivalent of a time-traveling, shape-shifting chameleon - the Faction Studio 2. This isn't just an all-mountain ski; it's a generation-bridging, paradigm-shifting marvel that's about to make you the coolest parent on the slopes (or the most enviable kid, depending on your perspective).

Picture a ski that can carve like a Thanksgiving turkey one moment, then effortlessly switch to backwards shenanigans the next. With its 102mm waist, the Studio 2 is the Goldilocks of all-mountain widths - not too fat to be sluggish, not too slim to sink in powder, but just right for whatever terrain tickles your fancy.

At the heart of this snow-slaying sorcerer is a lightweight poplar core that's more energetic than a toddler on a sugar high. But Faction didn't stop there. They've woven in Carbon Stringers that give this ski more pop than a breakdancing competition. It's like strapping miniature trampolines to your feet.

Worried about those hard landings? Fear not! The Carbon Rubber Stomp Pad is there to catch you, absorbing impacts like a black hole swallows light. Your feet will thank you after that perfectly stomped 360 (or that slightly over-rotated 180, we won't judge).

With a flex rating of 7 out of 10, the Studio 2 strikes the perfect balance between playfulness and stability. It's like having a ski that can switch from ballroom dancing to breakdancing mid-run. The full-strength sidewalls and XL 2.5mm edges make this ski tougher than a two-dollar steak, ready to withstand whatever abuse you throw its way.

Available in lengths from 166cm to 188cm, there's a Studio 2 ready to become your mountain soulmate, no matter your size. The 134/131-102-127mm profile ensures you get stellar performance whether you're shredding or showing off to the groms.

Who's it for? Intermediate to advanced skiers who refuse to be put in a box. It's for those who want to carve like a pro one minute and throw down tricks the next. It's for parents who want to impress their kids, and kids who want to outshine their parents.

The Faction Studio 2 - Where tradition meets progression, and every run is a chance to rewrite the rules of mountain etiquette. Are you ready to bridge the generation gap and become a true all-mountain maestro?