Kastle Paragon 101 Skis 2025 - 169cm

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Introducing the 2025 Kästle Paragon 101: The Mountain's Multi-Tool

Meet the Kästle Paragon 101. This isn't just a ski; it's a shape-shifting marvel that's about to turn your mountain into a playground of infinite possibilities.

At 101mm underfoot, the Paragon 101 is the Goldilocks of the lineup - not too fat, not too slim, but just right for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. It's like having a backstage pass to every terrain on the mountain, from pristine groomers to untamed powder stashes.

With dimensions of 135-101-122mm and an 18m radius (at 182cm), this ski strikes a perfect balance between nimbleness and stability. It's as comfortable carving perfect arcs on corduroy as it is floating through champagne powder or muscling through chopped-up afternoon snow.

Tipping the scales at a purposeful 1,986g (at 182cm), the Paragon 101 means business. It's substantial enough to plow through variable conditions like a snowplow, yet agile enough to dance through tight trees with the grace of a ballet dancer.

But here's where the magic happens - the Paragon 101 has a split personality in the best possible way. On groomers, it leans into turns with the precision of a race car, carving perfect circles that would make a geometry teacher proud. Off-piste, it transforms into a powder-hungry beast, ready to float and pivot through the deepest snow.

Who's it for? The Paragon 101 is the perfect companion for expert skiers who refuse to be limited by terrain or conditions. It's for those who start their day laying down trenches on groomers, then venture off-piste for some afternoon powder hunting, and finish with some high-speed crud busting.

Available in sizes 169, 176, 182, and 190 cm, there's a Paragon 101 ready to become your mountain accomplice, no matter your size or style.

The 2025 Kästle Paragon 101 - Where versatility meets velocity, and every run becomes an opportunity for all-mountain mastery. Are you ready to unlock the full potential of the mountain? Your ticket to daily entertainment and endless possibilities awaits!