Scott SEA 98 Skis 2025 - 172cm

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Introducing the Scott SEA 98 Skis: Your All-Terrain Playground Pass for 2025

Forget boring old ski runs. The 2025 Scott SEA 98s are your golden ticket to turn the entire mountain into a giant snow-covered skate park. These aren't just skis; they're magic carpets that transport you from "regular Joe" to "freestyle pro" faster than you can say "watch this!"

Key Magic Ingredients:

  • 98mm waist - wide enough to float on fresh snow, narrow enough to carve turns tighter than your aunt's holiday sweater
  • Twin-tip shape with double rocker - because skiing backwards is the new skiing forwards
  • Sandwich construction with titanal and fiberglass - like a armor-plated burrito for your feet
  • Spin Tech rocker on the tip - for nose butters smoother than a greased-up penguin on ice

Performance: The SEA 98s are the shape-shifting chameleons of the ski world. One minute you're carving groomers with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker, the next you're floating through powder like a graceful, albeit much cooler, swan. And when it's time to hit those natural features? The Spin Tech rocker lets you butter and spin with more style than a break-dancing ninja.

Who It's For: Are you an intermediate to advanced skier who sees the mountain as one giant terrain park? Do you dream of effortlessly switching from regular to switch stance like a pro? Can you not decide between all-mountain versatility and freestyle fun? If you're nodding so hard your neck hurts, the SEA 98s are calling your name.

Why Choose the Scott SEA 98:

  • Versatility: Goes from groomers to powder to park faster than a teenager changes their mind
  • Responsiveness: More reactive than a cat on a hot tin roof
  • Creativity: Unleashes your inner ski artist faster than you can say "hold my hot chocolate"

The Scott SEA 98 skis aren't just equipment; they're a challenge. A challenge to reimagine every run as a blank canvas for your ski artistry, to blend all-mountain exploration with freestyle flair, and to make every day on the mountain an adventure in self-expression. So, are you ready to SEA (Ski Everywhere Awesomely) what you're truly capable of? It's time to paint your masterpiece on snow!