Stockli Montero AW w/ Strive 11D Bindings 2025 - 150cm

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Introducing the Salomon Montero AW Women's Ski: Your All-Mountain Bliss

Calling all adventurous women skiers! Prepare to elevate your skiing experience with the Salomon Montero AW, a ski designed to empower you across all mountain conditions. Whether you're carving pristine groomers, floating through fresh powder, or navigating spring slush, the Montero AW delivers effortless performance and style.

Features and Benefits:

With dimensions of 122-80-106 mm, the Montero AW strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability. Its lighter Light Core construction and slightly rockered tip and tail simplify turn initiation, ensuring smooth and precise skiing in any terrain.

Versatile Performance Across Conditions:

Equipped with a dynamic turn radius: 12.6 m @ 150 cm, 14.2 m @ 158 cm, and 16.0 m @ 166 cm, the Montero AW adapts seamlessly to your skiing style and terrain preferences. From quick, nimble turns to stable, sweeping arcs, this ski excels across all mountain environments.

Designed for the Adventurous Skier:

The Montero AW is crafted for women who seek versatility without compromise. Its all-mountain prowess allows you to explore new terrain with confidence, from steep descents to groomed trails, ensuring every turn is as exhilarating as the last.

Complete Your Kit with Salomon Strive 11D Bindings:

Pair your Montero AW with the Salomon Strive 11D bindings in matching purple for a cohesive and high-performance setup. The Strive 11D enhances your control and stability, complementing the Montero AW's capabilities across diverse skiing conditions.

Why Choose Salomon Montero AW?

The Salomon Montero AW is more than just a ski; it's a partner in adventure. Whether you're advancing your skills on the slopes or seeking new challenges, this ski provides the confidence and performance you need to excel.


Elevate your skiing with the Salomon Montero AW - where agility meets stability and every run is a celebration of mountain exploration. Are you ready to carve your path to new heights?