Kastle Paragon 93 Skis 2025 - 177cm

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Introducing the 2025 Kästle Paragon 93: The (Austrian?) Army Knife of the Slopes

Prepare to meet the chameleon of the mountain - the Kästle Paragon 93. This isn't just a ski; it's a shape-shifting marvel that's about to redefine your understanding of all-mountain versatility.

At 93mm underfoot, you might be tempted to typecast this as a frontside carving specialist. But don't be fooled - this ski has more tricks up its sleeve than a magician at a Las Vegas residency. It's the ninja of the Paragon line, stealthy enough to slice through groomers with surgical precision, yet versatile enough to venture off-piste with the confidence of a mountain goat.

With dimensions of 128-93-115mm and a 16.4m radius (at 177cm), the Paragon 93 strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability. It's like having a sports car that can suddenly transform into an all-terrain vehicle at will.

Weighing in at a purposeful 1,827g (at 177cm), this ski means business. It's light enough for quick direction changes, yet substantial enough to plow through variable conditions like a hot knife through butter.

But here's where the magic happens - the Paragon 93 has an energy and rebound that'll make you feel like you've discovered the fountain of youth for your skiing. It transitions from carve to skid with the grace of a ballet dancer, then springs into the next turn with more pop than a champagne cork on New Year's Eve.

Who's it for? The Paragon 93 is the perfect companion for advanced and expert skiers who demand high performance across the entire resort. Whether you're laying down trenches on groomers or exploring off-piste stashes, this ski delivers versatility and excitement in spades.

Available in sizes 163, 170, 177, and 184 cm, there's a Paragon 93 ready to become your mountain soulmate, no matter your size or style.

The 2025 Kästle Paragon 93 - Where front-side precision meets all-mountain adventure. Are you ready to experience the ultimate high-performance resort ski and redefine your limits on the mountain? Your no-brainer choice for all-mountain dominance awaits!